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Hi all-after seeing the Mate on their website, I sure would like seeing an EBR review!
These look to be super cool!
Thanks, Scott
Stay away! Cheap Chinese bike. They said they gave bikes for review long time ago. But we have never seen any reviews cause it would show that they are cheap bikes not worth the money or the wait! Check all the negative comments on Indiegogo or Trustpilot UK
@Andrea Corongiu That is very harsh words. How do you know this? Those who now have received them seem very much satisfied, and those who are unhappy have not received them yet and are classic backers who doesn't understand what crowdfunding is. Which seem to be many, but in reality are very few. I've backed almost 50 projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, including two ebikes and an e-scooter, and delivery time is an issue 80-90% of the time, and in my experience you cannot judge the projects in general on if they deliver at said time at project start. The projects that failed has always been small electronic stuff, in my experience. Mate, from my point of view, has a very solid take on this and even had the prime minister of Denmark riding one. I sat on the fence for a while on this bike, but ordered one bike for me and one for my girlfriend. I trust my fellow Scandinavians!
@Phrodos You might think that mine are very harsh words but it's just the truth. I am in a private chat too where messages cannot be censured like it's happening on Indiegogo or Facebook where the MATE team delete comments they do not like and other backers agree with my opinion. I am not talking about the project or the waiting time so I do not understand if you have really read my comment. I am talking about the bike. I had to change several parts as they are cheap Chinese ones, the battery does not last what was promised, the gear moves when cycling, the pedal makes a weird clicking noise and the bike it is simply not worth the 2000 + dollars promised. Well done for backing all those project and you can think that I am one of those backers who does not understand but this is still my opinion of the bike I have received 2 weeks ago after using it to commute for 10 days. And if you feel like recommending this bike because the Danish prime minister rode one, and because you are Scandinavian too, well good for you, not so good for those who listen to your recommendation based on these reasons. Oh, and just to let you know the Danish Design promised is just a Chinese design you can find anywhere! Have a nice day ;)
No wonder. For less than 1000 grand you get what you've paid. If a super-duper Turbo bike that cost more than 2000 grand have issues, I can't imagine what a cheap bike will have. If I had to buy a cheap bike, I would go to a store, where at least i can throw it back to their faces if anything goes wrong.
I have ridden dozens of ebikes for reviews, and spoken to many more people who own them. Truth is, there are no bargains in this industry. You get what you pay for. If it is cheap, it is lower quality, quite simple. You need to compare bikes at a similar price point.
That is, until someone invents a new technology which I don't see happening any time soon, and when they do, their technology will need to be more expensive.
So when you see a Kickstarter or Indiegogo that claims to be revolutionizing anything, it's just false marketing.
So I had my delivery postponed until today, I was out of town. The box was dinged up but the box in a box worked great. No visible faults except that the bracket for the display connecting it to the handlebars was broken...and the bracket/display is all one piece. But its nothing some gorilla glue can't fix and otherwise, there were no scratches or dents. There was a little juice left so I turned on the battery and hit the throttle, it ran so that's good. Everything was pretty tight, just small adjustments everywhere and I'm probably going to take it to the shop this weekend.

Still charging so I'll come back this evening to report on its performance. This is the MATE+ S btw.
I'm wondering if the OP or mods can move to the right forum - this is a forum for Specialized products. Good luck!
Went on two rides yesterday...the second was to try out adjustments from the first. It does take some getting used to as you're sitting even more upright than on a cruiser. I put a thudbuster on there which makes the ride pretty smooth but I really hate that saddle, it's not really made for that position (at least for me) and even switching it out with a saddle from my cruiser didn't work well. So I ordered two more saddles online.

In any event, I love the shifter although I only tried it on a slight grade so far. The handlebars are really comfortable and for the best part...the whole bike fit into my sedan trunk!
Just wanted to know where they are made, so after 3 emails Elizabeth finally sent:
"We cannot disclose this information but do not worry our bikes are all of a very high quality and are being tested for durability and harsh weather conditions.",
so maybe a Chinese prison camp for all we know.