making dash faster in throttle mode.

Kyle hamor

I personally spend 90% of my time using the throttle. Of course I'd only be using this "off road" never would I ever even consider breaking the 20mph law... This would most definitely void my warranty.. How difficult would it be to override the eternal motor speed limiter?
Well the controller is built into the wheel, to even attempt to hack it you'd have to take it apart.
Yeah... I have no idea how you'd do this but it might take some programming skill? There is a speed increase dongle available for Bosch electric bikes and it basically attaches to the area where the wheel speed measurement device is and tricks the bike into thinking it's going slower than it really is. I think the IZIP Dash also uses three speed sensors so it might also be possible to trick it but yeah... warranty, programming custom fabricating the part would be a lot of work. I think it only exists for Bosch since they have been around in Europe for a while and are widespread. The Dash may reach that level of popularity at some point and maybe there will be a mod available? If you find anything let us know @Kyle hamor