Magnum Folding specs: EBR vs OEM discrepancies.


While @Court likes the Magnum business model of incremental improvements, it leaves a lot to be desired with OEM updates to their website. Beyond the normal debate of motor wattage ( nominal vs peak), there’s a real disconnect between what EBR lists vs the current Magnum website spec.

Specifically in comparing the Classic, Classic II, Premium and Premium II. The Magnum site ( Canada also-Epic) basically shows brakes, wheels and voltage. All other bike components have been standardized. So while EBR specs say Acera, everything is Tourney. Per the Magnum site, gearing is also standardized, batteries all 13ah, and one bike has 26 inch tires which clearly seems a typo on 20 inch rims. Do any of these bikes even have Schwalbe tires today?

At best, Magnum seems sloppy in cleaning up their website. At worst they played a “bait and Switch” with an EBR test bike. Either way, it’s awfully difficult to shop online with these discrepancies.

The recent Premium II review seems well kitted on EBR. Alas, the little goodies appear to be gone. Or were never there for the masses. C’Mon Magnum, time to clean up or fess up.
there’s a real disconnect between what EBR lists vs the current Magnum website spec
This happens a lot, I would say it's much more rare that manufacturer's websites are spot on for all specs. This is precisely why we measure and weigh everything and inspect all components :)

From manufacturers I have talked to, it seems that there is often a disconnect or delay from the marketing folks who maintain the site, vs the product designers and techs. Often websites are made with an original loadout of specs too, and then those get changed later in the design or production process... and the company may not have a full-time website manager or developer, instead paying a contractor to periodically update it.

I can't speak for Magnum specifically since I have never bought one of their bikes, but I have heard good things about them from quite a few owners so my inclination is to give them the benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they see this thread and get their website updated!
Not sure about benefit of doubt forgiveness. When you’re buying online, and no opportunity for test rides and/or inspection, it’s all about trust and after sale support. If you buy a bike based on specs and it delivers with lower grade components, you will feel greatly cheated. A terrible way to start with a relatively big purchase.

Anyone who is in Marketing understands that a Brand is a function of trust. It’s critical that websites are accurate and current. This is not a big deal to revise a website whether in house or outsourced to a third party.

The whole bicycle industry is pretty bipolar. Big name brands with full corporate support and Small operators who are one armed paper hangers trying to Wear 10 hats. Unfortunately with ebikes, it more of the latter where two guys with a Chinese supplier get into the game and maybe learn from their mistakes. Maybe not. Currently EBR lists 222 different Brand Ebikes on the site. Think about that.

Like all online purchases, Caveat Emptor.

if you’re old enough to remember Dragnet, “ Just the facts ma’am “
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