Long delay for Electra Townie Go!


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Has anyone experienced long delay in receiving a Townie? I ordered a Electra Townie Go! 10D for my spouse back in March of this year. Still have not received our delivery. Not getting much of an answer from Eddie's bike shop here in Cleveland. Has anyone heard or is experiencing such a delay? Is there a problem with getting parts, battery, motor, or is it stuck on a cargo ship? The Trek Electra web site is not showing 2022 models and I ordered a 2021.
Sorry for the late response. From April to June 2021 I was looking everywhere for the Townie path go 10d step through and could not find one. This includes a search for the Midwest and almost the entire state
of Florida. Most dealers were unable to commit to a delivery date. I continued to check daily for many regions on the trek website. Finally one showed up at a really nice bike store in West Burlington Iowa. I immediately called the store and told them I would take it. They had it ready the next day and I drove almost 300 mikes to get there. I love the bike and it was worth the drive. They are still not around in south Florida.