lithium batteries.


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It seems like the lithium batteries are coming down in price and weight. I have a 48 volt 20 amp I bought 4 yrs ago for over $400 and it weighs close to 12 #s i think. Have others founds this to be true?
Well, slightly. is one of the suppliers of batteries with a good reputation on here. The 48 v 17.5 AH shark is $545 plus freight and use tax. (7% in Indiana) It includes a 3 amp charger, which I had to buy for $28 for my third pack. It is not apparently UL rated, which is now required to ride on Amtrak.
My third pack of the same size and voltage was $630 + freight + use tax in June 2018. So about $113 less these days. I do not know what UPS charges for that weight these days; probably higher than 2018. My pack came from , which seems to have abandoned the 48v market. It is still working well after about 500 charges.
I think it's the capacity of the individual 18650 cells that is increasing. We can get more capacity from the same number of cells, weight and price.
When I look on the web for lithium batteries it seems that the price is down from what I paid several yrs ago. I am looking at 48 v 20 amp. These are the rectangular blue wrapped batteries. Price range from $240-$350
Its mainly the regulations and labor. With the fires in the news maybe quality control has improved and there is less crap out there now. The cells are very common and cheap when purchased by the pallet. A good, tested and reliable battery management system is not cheap especially with all the legal liability and regulation certification for the manufactures. Imagine the legal liability of thousands and thousands of battery packs and cheap chargers very few folks actually watch. I bet many plug the bikes in and go to sleep.