Liberty Trike

sexton Tom

Seems like Liberty Trike is having pretty good success. We are thinking about purchasing one for my wife. Just wondering if there are any LIBERTY TRIKE owners out there ????
Ordered it this morning. Now the wait. I will probably ride it as much as my wife. lol I put a BBSHD Luna Cycle 48 volt on my older Giant Yukon. More power than I will ever use. Lot's of fun though !!! I have a big smile on my face every time I motor up a hill.
Well DD , we only got to use it for a short time around our addition. It definitely is a conversation piece !! Our daughter took it for a ride and had a big smile on her face as well. It does have a different feel because you have a tendency to lean and since it is a trike there is no leaning. A few short slow rides and the smile starts getting bigger. I read a few reviews about tipping but if you ride it for what it is designed for you should have no problems. It tops out around 12.5 which is plenty for this style and for my wife which will stay under that. The main reason I chose Liberty was the fold ability and the narrow wheel base. I will try to upload a little video of my wife and little papillion in the basket.

Hope this helps. They are a quality trike. My only con and probably not my wife's is it is only a single speed. But with the motor who cares.
Thanks for the report. We will probably order one in the next couple of months. We have 3 feet of snow now. It always pains me to buy something and not be able to use it.