Liberty Trike Electric Tricycle Video Review - Folding Upright

Ann M.

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A unique folding electric trike with a powerful 750 watt front hub motor that's slim enough to go through an average size door. Not only is it foldable, it can be broken into 2 pieces that can be more easily handled. Modest sized rear basket, on an American made Worksman steel trike frame. Seems like the pedals are not as usable as one might expect on a bike but does keep your legs moving. Cool feature, Reverse! and a slow speed walk feature. Be careful of the quicker acceleration with the bigger motor, easier to spin out the front wheel, so watch out. The Liberty Trike Electric Tricycle is a compact, folding (and separating!) electric trike designed for easier transport, fitting through doors and modular repairs or replacements. Partially built in America, solid one year comprehensive warranty, uses a powerful 750 watt hub motor in a cast hub motor casing to improve strength and reduce noise. This trike can support up to 400 lbs (passenger plus cargo), it has five power levels and an easy to use twist throttle, the display is large and easy to understand, there's a walk mode and reverse! Heavier Steel frame, cheaper cranks, tight seat tube and head tube, a few quirks with the first edition have been fixed including a loose controller, quirky power-on sequence and brittle plastic basket. Workman Cycles makes the Liberty Trike and it uses some E-BikeKit parts like the battery
It appears that it is a single speed vs 6 or 7 which seems to be more common? I wonder if a 7 speed freewheel could be added? Sorry if that's a dumb question? Otherwise I like it.
No Greg that is not a dumb question. My wife loves her LT but the front sprocket and crank arms are pretty small. She can only pedal around 6 or 7 mph after that it's all motor. I have sent two e-mails to Liberty addressing this issue and have never received a reply. Our riding season is coming to a close here in Indiana so I might do some research this winter. If you come up with something please post.
My wife has a Liberty Trike. Because of the stability of any trike in turns, she keeps her speed under 10 mph on downhills. We have found that Liberty Trike is very responsive to any questions or problems. They also have a facebook page.