Letter From Juiced Bikes promising better customer service


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This is the email I received last week from Juiced Bikes addressing customer service problems.
To our valued Juiced Bikes customers,
“It can take months to find a customer…. seconds to lose one."
As a Customer Success leader with 20+ years experience building successful customer relationships, this quote is especially poignant as I lead the Juiced Bikes’ support team through an extensive rebuilding initiative. I joined the company in late 2020, and quickly inherited a myriad of service and technical support challenges. Like so many companies struggling with similar issues, many of these obstacles were created, and then intensified, by the very volatile nature of an unprecedented global pandemic. Demand for e-bikes exploded almost overnight, manufacturing capabilities were stretched too thin, supply chain disruptions are an ongoing problem, and it’s been increasingly difficult to hire and retain qualified employees.
These events are not unique to Juiced Bikes. And this is not intended to excuse the shortcomings that have led to very disappointing experiences for some of our customers. We take full responsibility for not consistently meeting, and exceeding, your expectations over the last year.
I joined this team because I believe deeply in the transformative power of our products, and in the vision of our CEO, Tora Harris. I’m also inspired by our growing team of Customer and Technical Support agents... professionals who are also deeply committed to regaining our customers’ trust and confidence.
While our work is not yet done, we have initiated and executed critical organizational changes designed to deliver consistently outstanding interactions with all of our customers. Some highlights of what we’ve accomplished over the last few months include:
  • Quadrupling the size of our support team, and continuing to hire more agents.
  • Updated ticket routing system to ensure urgent submissions are reviewed promptly.
  • Significant software upgrades to provide information in a more timely manner.
  • Increasing Knowledge Base with more content.
  • Upgraded online Help Center and new Chat System.
I know some of you will read this and doubt our intentions and efforts. We understand there are still many improvements to be made. We also understand that winning back your loyalty and confidence will, justifiably, take more than a series of email apologies. I won’t promise that we will suddenly, and magically, have a solution to every outstanding issue. But, I do pledge that our team is intensely committed to your satisfaction, and every single day we will make meaningful improvements to provide the service and support you deserve.
We are grateful for your business, and for your patience as we continue to pursue customer service excellence.
Tracy Watson
Director of Customer Experience, Juiced Bikes
I don't know why because they'll loose money,
most eBike companies are "just" reselling merchandise made by manufacturers with failed supply chains.
They keep a few spares out of a container shipment, for a few months and cannibalise them for "spare parts"
Collect the $$,$$$.00 & order a container of new models and on to the next fad ( next season's model )