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How about a throttle bike that also turns the pedals so it looks like the rider is peddling; I'd go with 70-90 rpm.
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As I mentioned in my introduction I am completely new to eBikes, so far my total mileage is about 500 Km. However there is a steep 200 Mtr. Hill I climb up every evening which gives me a decent workout but coming downhill I am starting to wear out my disk Brakes therefore I wish this downhill energy could be feed back into my 2 Batteries while at the same time saving the Brake pads. Any Ideas anyone ? UC
Direct Drive hub motors have this capability. There is a way to get Geared Hub motors locked to be able to perform regen, which is the name of what you are seeking. Information regarding this can be found at ebikes.ca.
Thank you for the feedback, I wasn't that clear on my post, my mistake

Our startup is a platform that helps companies to test and validate their models based on feedback from enthusiasts like you in the prototype stage.

Our main goal is to help companies build e-bikes that people need and will truly love, and to make improvements that ebike drivers need before starting manufacturing.
You can have a look at it here: https://prelaunch.com/categories/micromobility

My post was more about gaining feedback from e-bike companies, who can share how they actually manage their pre-launch processes, how they do their research, and how they choose ideas to launch.
The vast majority of members here are NOT e-bike companies, so, if you're targeting them, this might not be the best place.
Thank you, where I can find him or how? I'm just new here and don't fully understand what is where. Will appreciate if you can help me with that.
Zen Forum here

owner is ravi kempaiah

As was mentioned very few bike shop people here, mostly users
How about heated seats, and handgrips and pedals?
Let’s get serious about all season riding!
I would be all for heated handgrips, this winter my hands were pretty cold even with snowmobile gloves and bar mitts, I think heated handlebars with bar mitts would do the trick. I didn't find the need for a heated seat (had snow pants on) or heated pedals (wore boots and alpaca socks).
Zen Forum here

owner is ravi kempaiah

As was mentioned very few bike shop people here, mostly users
Nope sorry, the OP already called us a valued group of professionals. You can't take it back!
I would like bike frames & forks that do not tend to snap the front wheel sideways on bumps & obstructions and throw me on my chin. I realize the police departments that review bikes for patrol use highly value "fast steering". Mountain bike racers also highly value "fast steering". Hence favorable magazine reviews before the change to fast steering was made. I don't have the upper body strength to be a policeman and if I exercised enough to build that strength I would tear my tendons or wear out my shoulders & elbows. My knees are already ruined by US Army running training. I rode MTB's on road, for the straight neck posture & 15-21 speeds to get me up the hills of my county. 2008-2017 A 26" diamondback MTB threw me on my chin twice, a Pacific Quantum 26" MTB threw me on my chin twice, a Huffy Savannah 26" cruiser threw me on my chin once. With the same wheels tires & posture, my Mother's `1947 Firestone safety bike, was stable as a rock. The difference is a longer frame (which costs money) to clear the wheel of a front fork with more trail (caster). I checked 220 26" frames for trail on a database in 2017. All were exactly the same; some had "relaxed" headstock angle, but no more trail. I checked a couple of custom frame builders in 2017. Neither was interested in building a frame with anything but "standard" fork & trail. 26" wheel bikes that did not have the problem, my 1961 Joske's Fleetwood cruiser, my 1966 AMF Hercules "english racer". Both stolen.
As it is I cannot travel by public transit and rent a bike at destination, as all bikes have the same inadequate trail. I'm doing okay on a stretch frame cargo bike with my weight 75% on the front tire, but no rental agency has stocked one of those. 2017-2023, ~10000 miles on a yuba bodaboda stretch cargo bike, no falls. No 90 degree wheel snaps. Bodaboda weighs about 82 pounds with electricity, which limits the attractiveness to the average customer that wants to take his bike for a ride on a car rack.
My wife's analog Townie has a relaxed geometry (as well as a crank-forward setup), but my Ariel Rider C class step thru has less caster or trail than I was used to. I've gotten accustomed to it, but I am always aware of its quick steering behavior, and am suitably cautious about tight turns, especially when braking is also required.
You needs to message Ravi. ZEN bikes he has teams that are making ebikes.
He is the guy you want to question.
Other than that show us a few pictures of your ebikes. My Bulls emtb lounging in my bedroom.
Lounging is charging its battery.
hi @Ravi Kempaiah , can you please help us and share some insights about your research processes? Thank you in advance
The vast majority of members here are NOT e-bike companies, so, if you're targeting them, this might not be the best place.
Got it, maybe you know where I can find them then?

I was thinking they have to be here, as you - their target audience is here, and they can gain a lot of insights just by reading your conversations😅