LED strip on my eBike


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Using a small 12v pack off ebay ($23) and a roll of LED strips off ebay ($34) I was able to clip off a small section and stick it to the underside of my bike. The results are a super bright strip that you can turn any color, strobe, fade etc.
Pack lasts about 3 hours and some colors are visible during the day (Yellow/Green). Unfortunately I can't use the battery on the bike since the headlight output is 6 volts.
Def a head turner when I'm out and about on the city street at night. Also works for a headlight since it's pretty bright. Very easy to do.
It's basically the same thing motorcycles use to light up their ride.

yes, it's rechargeable

Whew! I was thinking "kind of expensive" as well. I notice a lot of the commuter bikers have their flashing lights going when its not even dark yet, like cars with daytime headlights and motorcycles with constantly-on high beams, probably a darn good safety idea.

I'm going to at least look into it. Thanks!
If you have a link to the 12V battery pack, would love to see it. I'm still a bit confused as to this setup. I'm guessing the battery pack is what is rechargeable, and once charged you connect that to the LED light strip on the bike?

Awesome result though!
Stromer has got nothing on me , with there tail light built into their seat.
If I can figure out now to post a picture , I will show you the LED tail light I put on my seat


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