Lectric LX


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If anyone is looking at this model, I have had it 8 days and wish I had bought a slightly more expensive bike. Was on "sale" for $699 USD, was recieved within 4 days which was good, had to contact thier customer service and they responded quickly, also good. But that's where the good ends. My main issue is with thier choice of tire size/tread for this model, extremely narrow street tires with absolutely no grip. Back tire slid out twice in first 2 days and once was dry roads. It's probably great for Phoenix's weather ( where Lectric is located) but wouldnt recommend for anyone that lives in a area that rains or especially Canada. Tires are supposed to be puncture resistant, but I writing this WALKING it home...
Next issue, the motor, as I said at the start, had this bike 8 days and motor felt like it was grinding and about to seize up. After 8 damn days... And you can feel jerking when motor kicks on AND off, I get feeling it start to assist, but feels like you hit the breaks partially every time you stop peddling.
Next issue, false claims, website boasts 20 mph. Pedal assisted/throttle, but motor stops @ 18.6 (not a big difference, I know but helps to show they inflated all its stats) for battery life they CLAIM 25-35 miles per charge (throttle only) and pedal assisted isnt even half of that.
In my opinion only things they were honest about was charge time 4-6 hours, fast shipping, and that you need to check/adjust every moving part, brakes, handle bars, true up rims, EVERYTHING.

Bottom line, if you live in dry arid places or have money to burn, sure buy the Lectric LX. but if you want a reliable, quality product, save a little more cash and get a higher end bike from a better company with a good reputation.
I purchased an LX last week, and it should be here next week. I came across your post, using an internet search, and signed up to EBR to ask your opinion on the bike now. There is very little info online on this bike and you seem to have had a bad initial experience, have things been sorted out? Has the company been helpful? Thanks