Lectric Folding e-Trike

Took delivery of my Lectric XP Trike.
Here parked next to my wife's Fiido T1 PRO for size comparison, Wife's T1 is modified for rider below 5'.



The rear fenders on the trike was bent up during shipping, upon arrival they were resting against the rear tires, preventing the wheels from turning.
Took me about 20 seconds to straighten them out to allow the rear tires to clear.
Besides the fenders, the packaging was top notch, assembly & prep for first ride was very simple & easy.
Clear out the packing/protective materials on the trike, plug one wire to the digital display and push the on button and it comes to life.

Trike riding is very different from bicycling; I learned from riding motorcycle sidecar rigs & recumbent trikes.
Any uneven pavement can require a rider to compensate by shifting bodyweight, even at a stop.
I took the trike out for about 1 mile before breakfast, will have to wait until next weekend for a longer ride.
My wife's trike arrived yesterday. Opened it up, and both rear fenders were bent, twisted. One was so bad there was no way the tire would turn Odd, as there was no damage to the box. Also, the left parking brake did not operate properly. Contacted Lectric and they are sending new fenders and parking brake assembly. Rubber mallet, a few swings, and fender is out of the way. Not pretty, but works. Been raining, so maybe tomorrow we can get it out and see what she thinks. Doesn't like it - on Craigslist it goes.
Bought this Lectric Trike and it finally arrived. This is my second Lectric product, also have a Lectric XP 2.0 with over 1500 miles on the odo. I must say that I was very impressed with the box that it came in, very robust. Unboxed it and set it up and discovered that the display was cracked. The glass, when the bike was folded pressed against the display glass and cracked it. Contacted, Lectric and got a quick reply, and they are sending a new display. As usual extremely fast customer service. The rear fenders were slightly bent, but were easy to straighten. The bike works and handles well. I tried to teach my wife (who has never ridden a bicycle at age 64) to ride my XP and it was impossible. She is a pianist, and she was fearful of falling off and injuring her hands or Wrists so after several tries, we gave up. Then we saw the announcement about the trike, and we decided to try it. We made the correct decision! This bike is awesome! We have already taken three trips, and she loves it. I am 76 and I had a fall off the XP about a year ago. I am still having some problems and now I am thinking about buying a second trike and selling my XP. Great Trike, technologically advanced. with the free basket kits, we can ride and carry whatever we need for our trips on the Mission Trails of San Antonio, Texas.


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I've put about 5 miles on the XP Trike. My wife put about 25 miles on the XP Trike,
still keeping it on the standard mode for eventually the trike will go to the in-laws soon.
Wife keeps the PAS level at 1, pedaling along she's able to keep the trike moving along at 12 mph constant, even on hills 400-500 ft. long.
Me riding along had to put significant effort to keep up with her on the same hill, granted I was on analog 40 lb. cargo bicycle.
I weight about 175 lb. fully dressed and wife is about 140 lb., in-laws are about 120-130 lb.
I put a mirror & bell on the handlebar, swapped out the long suspension seatpost to a lightweight MTB seatpost, so seat can be even lower position than OEM; in-laws being under 5' tall.


Folding the XP trike down is simple, taking the seat off the trike makes it even much smaller
overall size gets pretty compact, likely able to fit inside many SUVs.

Size comparison against my gravel bike, Fiido T1 & 20" folding bike:



With a little effort & maneuvering, the XP Trike can fit inside my Toyota Yaris hatchback.
I don't think I will drive long hours with the way it's packed in there.

Lectric XP Trike stowed in the hatch of my 2010 Prius, with plenty of room to spare: