Kryptonite series 2 u lock with cable ebay deal


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This was posted over on slickdeals, thought some might be interested! It is the series 2 u lock with 4 foot cable package, sold through ebay by buydig for only $28.99 shipped. this is a highly recommended lock for the money at the regular price of about $42 on amazon, so this is a great deal!
I saw the deal too. and the you tube video when it was defeated in less than 5 seconds. It has key issues and can be beat without bottle jacks or power tools. I was going to order as well. Not after seeing that.
I think it is a good lock if you don't have a very valuable bike. Kryptonite Fuhgetaboutit 73 bucks at buildyourownbike. Designed to stop NYC bike thieves.
I have this lock and I too am concerned it can be so easily breached. I try not to ever leave my bike out of my sight. That said, when I get my (CF) Noke Ulock with integrated alarm, I'll be using both U-locks, as well as a cable chain. It's also good to take your battery with you as well as any part easily stolen, up to and including your seatpost and seat. They can't steal things they can't get to and if you make it enough of a hassle to take your bike (multiple locks) hopefully yours will be right where you left it securely locked.