Kona Ute Falco Conversion


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I installed a 750W Falco motor on my 2009 Kona Ute. I also purchased a frame mount 48 V battery from Falco. After about 135 miles here are the pluses and deltas:

  • The motor is very quiet.
  • With proper gearing, it makes going up southern ohio hills almost fun.
  • I enjoy beginning to figure out how to best regenerate power.
  • Rakesh from Falco is great! He even answered my questions on the weekend and after business hours.
  • With the wireless controller, wires are not obtrusive.
  • After all of the parts arrived, installation was relatively easy.
  • The motor seems to be bullet-proof.
  • It is fun.
  • I love peddle assist. I have removed the accelerator and use the first level of assist almost all the time.
  • Torque sensor works great.

  • Not all of the parts arrived in the first shipment. I discovered several things missing throughout the process of installation and had to have two more shipments of part.
  • Battery only shows 52 Volts of power right after being charged. It should be 54.7 Volts. I dropped the battery, but it only registered 52 Volts before the drop. Rakesh has promised to replace it, but it will be 3-4 weeks before he has a battery to send me. He is sending a new charger to see if that might solve the issue.
  • No instructions came with kit. There are videos and a manual online, but there are still gaps. For example, I do not have a discharge graph for the battery.
  • Wiring from motor to battery was to short. I have a cargo bike and so the distance is longer than most bikes. Rakesh sent me an extension, but this is something that might be addressed when the motor is ordered.
Next Steps
  • Need to get a seat post with suspension.
  • I bought the kit to make a 35 mile commute through the hills of southern Ohio a couple of days a week. With my battery problems I am concerned about range. Besides getting a new battery, I want to get a backup frame mount battery. I have had a hard time finding a suitable backup.

Overall I recommend Falco. Rakesh's superior customer service makes some of the rough edges less so. The motor lives up to its very good reputation!
I want to convert my 20" Ute. I'm 220 lbs. I've got a 100 lbs of children on the back. What size of motor/battery do you recommend?