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No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from Vintage Electric Bikes as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer.

Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer.
A question for any riders of VEB's Cafe model... I'm trying to determine how to reset the Trip Odometer...
Reaching out to VEB support as well; will share any answers here... -Chris

3/7/18 Update: The Trip Odo (and the Trip Time) can be reset to 0 by pressing and holding down together, for about 2 or 3 seconds, both the main power button and the "down" button on the control panel.
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I have an issue with Velo Orange Campeur Rack that came with the VEB Cafe. It is not leveled, so I took it off. Does anyone have a similar issue? see pics. My local bike shop set up the bike, is there something wrong with the installation? Can someone share pics if they have it installed?
image2 2.jpeg

When I level the rack, It seems the attachment rods are not long enough. Any feedback is appreciated.
I called VEB, and waiting to hear from them (Still early on the west coast). Wanted to post to see if someone had similar issue. Bike is awesome.
Mine is very close to level... see pic.
I feel like the rack maybe came with 2 lengths of rod—I can check at home to see if that is right (and I’d thus have 2 shorter rods in the closet). I had a shop assemble mine so I can’t recall for certain if they gave me leftover pieces like that...
Yes, you are leveled (there is hope for me). I will measure the rods I got, perhaps there are longer ones and I did not get them. I am waiting for Eddie to call me sometime today. (West coast time). The bike was shipped directly to my LBS and assembled there.
This bike is awesome.... super fast. Level 5 is scary!

Thanks for the great feedback. This really helps me a lot.
PS @#lovefromizzy - just spotted a slight difference... My rack is mounted using the bottom-most hole (where rack joins the bike frame right above the rear wheel axle.) Also, vs your first photo - my rods join the rack at the "bottom of the cutout" slot.
This bike is awesome.... super fast. Level 5 is scary!

Agreed -- Level 5 feels sort of like Superman pushing your bike from behind.
I don't feel like I've got anywhere I'm really comfortable using that --- like a long, long, straight, visually clear, uncrowded stretch of trail or road! (Nor, do I have any "need" to use it on my typical rides... it does suck up the juice fast, and I like to make sure I have plenty of range on a single charge!)
And one more PS -- is your frame Medium or Large? (Mine is Medium... I suppose if you're on Large, you may in fact have a slightly-different-enough geometry, that perhaps the same exact rods for me, are too short for you to be "level" on the rack...?)
I have a SMALL Frame. I noticed form your pic, the screws near the seat tube, where the rods attach to the frame, seem to be an inch lower than mine. Mine seem to be higher, closer to the seat tube, reducing the reach of the rods to the rack.
I see that -- but I think the distance from fender-to-mounting-point is roughly similar on ours -- vs. examining the distance of seat-post-to-mounting-point...
I agree. it could be because my SMALL frame size. I'll let you know what Eddie says. But longer rods will fix it.
Waiting for resolution from VEB. I have exchanged phone calls and emails with them. To me, the rod attachments are short. I contacted Velo as well, the maker of the rack, and they seem to agree.

Hi Jimmy,

Due to the unusually steep angle of the seat stays on your bike, ours are not long enough to reach as you have found. I would suggest the 420 mm Nitto stays

Those should fit your frame properly.


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Ha! I've been to that Velo building, to shop their warehouse sale before! :)
Seems like the Nitto stays would do the trick -- wonder if VEB has any longer stays they could send you -- I'm guessing they may not, because they probably just stock the Velo rack as a single kit, just how Velo makes it -- with whatever the standard Velo stay is...
PS -- I would mount the rack as a trial, using the bottom screws only (ie, near the axle) hold the rack's top plane level / parallel to the ground, then measure from the VEB frame's screw-on-point, to the Velo "clamp" at the side of the rack, to see what length Nitto you might need -- 420mm would be like, 16" long? That seems like overkill...!!
Andrew, the owner of VEB, called me yesterday (I thought that was nice). He told me they will take care of it. Not sure what solution they have, unless they have a longer set of attachment rods and I was send the smaller ones by mistake.


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VEB will custom made new attachments for my bike (longer ones). Not sure why the rack did not work properly on my small size Cafe. But they are fixing it, so I am happy about it. I do need the rack. I do not like to carry a back pack.
This is my 4th day in a row commuting to work (6 miles each way). Doesn't get old.
Maybe you're the first Small + Campeur bundle, and so nobody's experienced that the standard Velo rods are too short for the geometry of that frame + rack...
I agree, backpacks (particularly in summer) are no fun! I used my pannier last night to buy some groceries -- 4 cans of soup, 8 yogurts, 5 apples, and a can of spray-starch... I would not have wanted that on my back in last night's 90+ degree trek home!
Glad they're working up new rods for you... I've found them (VEB) to be very helpful/accommodating with any issues that came my way.
I'm only waiting on one outstanding thing -- for them to develop and sell small bottles of "touch up" paint; I've managed two ugly scratches on the frame.
My only concern is the feeling of lack on quality control. They sold me the rack. I am thinking they never tried the rack on the small bike before selling it to make sure it fitted properly, no noises etc.
The bike is awesome, but sometimes little details like this can ruin a buying experience.