Kind request for help on choosing fattyre e-bike which can easily triumph the hills of Barcelona, Spain...


Hi all, I live in the hills of Barcelona, actually close to the top near to the village of Vallvidrera, and I have been investigating to purchase an fat tyre e-bike for my daily transport into and back up out of the city center.

About me: 186cm (6,1") in height, and about 95kg (209lbs).

As a test I rented the city fatbike BostonBikes with about 500w, but this toy didnt even close made it up the hills...

In order to see if any e-bike would go up I rented an e-MTB from the luxury brand Riese & Muller, the Super Delite Mountain which had a 1125w battery and a Bosch CX 85Nm motor.

This bike indeed made it up hill, but still I had to peddle quite a bit, which might also have to do with the fact that I'm a newbee in this field... :)

Also, it didnt have the fat tyres which I definitely prefer...!

Btw, I always thought the peddling was like an extra, but that it would go 100% effortless if you wanted, but as for my testing bikes this was not the case.

For the lady of the e-MTB shop who knows the hills of Barcelona I learned that not only the numbers of watts are important but also the torque, which in her opinion should be above the 80Nm.

The fattyre e-bike I like a lot as for the overall design is the one from SUPER73, the RX.... But, the answer which I received on the question if this bike could easily thriumph hills wasn't very convincing either, especially when I mentioned I sometimes travel with two persons... :)

All-in-all, due to my limited technical knowledge I find it very difficult to make a good selection / find the proper, and fancy fattyre e-bike that would meet the requirements..?!

The question I am hoping to get answered here on this lively forum is as follows:

Is the fattyre exclusively more for city riding, and thus are no, or very few fattyre e-bikes available that can champion (any) steep hills..?

If there are any fattyre e-bikes that do have what it takes, can you please list one or more so I can check (regardless of price, this comes later)..?

What technical (Watt, Torque in Nm, etc.) characteristics do you believe are mandatory for an e-bike to go up steep hills?

Do you always have to peddle with the e-bikes, or are there also e-bikes available which take over the peddling for 100%, without having the need to shift many gears etc.?

As these bikes are an interesting target for thieves, what you believe is the best locking system available?

As you need to wear a helmet, are there fattyre e-bikes that also have a storage for a helmet?

And, lastly, do you know of strong e-bikes (fattyre) which can easily carry two persons up the hills of my beloved city?

Many questions, long post, I am really looking forward to your help, much appreciated, my gratittude is eternal :)

BR, Louis
I will comment just to keep your thread alive until someone with a fat tire chimes in.
My impression is that fat tires are only better in sand and snow. The rolling resistance is really high compared to a medium wide tire (2 to 3 inch) and I am told they can "self steer" on rough patches.
80 nw of torque is strong, but not all that rare for an ebike.
Hi, thanks for your post, much appreciated..!!

The reason why I would want to opt for a fat tire bike is because the fat tires give a more smooth ride, the tires need less air and thus float more comfy on the streets compared to a more ridged MTB...

wouldn’t you agree? I tried the fat tire bike once and loved the smooth ride...

This combined with a huge torque and power would be the perfect commuting bike for me 🙂

Thanks for your thoughts..