Kickstand and chain popping.


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Hi everyone. First, can anyone recommend a kickstand for the rad mission? Its out of stock, still. The ones at my local ebike store don’t match up with the holes on the frame. I asked the but they told me to ask someone else basically.

Second, I have less than 60 miles on the Rad Mission and the chain pops like it’s trying to shift even though it’s only one gear. It did it on yesterday’s ride then again this morning. Any ideas? I called a bike shop and they said it could be any number of things. The bike shop said to return it since I shouldn’t have issues this early. Of course, I understand now why the refund policy expires after 10 miles. I emailed Rad but I’m sure I’ll get the canned “check ebike forums” which seems to be their customer service model.

Any help is appreciated.
I’m thinking it’s at the rear cog. The first time it happened it took me a second to register it. It sounds exactly like when you downshift on a normal bike then I had that “wait a minute” moment. I stopped and checked it out but the chain seemed fine. Nothing obvious so I finished my ride. I happened again this morning. Both times I’m on flat ground at a pretty good speed with the pedal assist on 1.
This is what I used when I broke the original 40mm spacing stand and Rad was out of stock.
You're welcome
Looks like it is the tensioner after all. This is only the 5th ride on this bike. I assume this is a very common problem with Rad Power Bikes. I’m not going to replace parts every 5th ride. Just not gonna do it.
do you have any recommendations for a more reliable bike that won’t break the bank?
Amazing amount of help and support for a fellow rider there Timpo, my hat is off to you. :)

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Did you check out Rad Power forum? Did other Rad Mission owner say the same thing?
It might be the case that you were unlucky and got a lemon.

If it's under warranty, I would contact Rad Power first and see if they would send you a new tensioner.
Actually I saw a thread on here that talked about tensioner issues after having faulty part problems right out of the gate. I actually had the same thing. The bike was at a shop to get put together and a screw was faulty and some other part was wrong. That took about 10 days to get fixed. Now I’m nervous with more problems so soon. I’ve only had this bike for like 3 weeks (after it was put together). There are a couple other forums that mention tensioner and brake replacements being a big issue.
As for being unlucky, that’s what my undergrad is in. Haha.
That's too bad chain Rad has tensioner problem.

You could look into different bike as you suggested, or a different tensioner? :confused:

I truly appreciate all your help! I think I’m just going to start replacing parts with higher quality rather than going through Rad. It might take a while but hopefully wi be worth it.
I truly appreciate all your help! I think I’m just going to start replacing parts with higher quality rather than going through Rad. It might take a while but hopefully wi be worth it.
Now you're talking.....
Shouldn't take much. Don't take the "I'm going to rebuild it" approach. Just fix what you're unhappy with. Pretty sure you'll end up with the sturdy bike you thought you were getting when you bought it. Parts are cheap! If you need a hand, holler!
Reported tensioner issues are with Rad single speed bikes, the derailleur models don't have problems that I am aware of.

The design is a bit of a "kluge". Not sure if there is an aftermarket alternative as it is mounted forward of the axle bolt.
I'm still kinda looking for a better chain tensioner for my single speed Rad Runner. I think its a Sturmey Archer tensioner. Never been impressed with anything that company makes. Once my ebike seemed to "break-in" its gotten a bit better.