Just ordered a RR5!


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It'll be a birthday present to myself. For now, I just ordered the bike and the phone holder, but a longer seatpost and stem are in the future. I'm recuperating from a shattered femur, and am getting ever closer to being able to walk with a cane (for now). By the time riding weather is here I should be ready to ride, and the exercise will actually be fun for a change. Glad I'm getting a fatty, as there are lots of unpaved roads around here, and the idea of just zipping through the park on the grass is appealing. Rad!
Congrats, I got one last year and think it was the best bike available for the cost. Given the bum leg, will you have a helper available during assembly, where you'll need to wrangle the 62lb bike (battery off)? I assume you went with the step-thru model for easier mount/dismount.

Also, plan ahead for your locking situation. That old U-lock that was ok for a nothing special stealer bike isn't enough for a popular and easily resellable ebike.

You can watch the assembly video ahead of time, maybe lay in some polysilicone lube if you don't already have it.
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No, I got the regular model, but the leg's getting a lot better, and by the time nice riding weather is here, I should be ok. Yeah, gotta get a lock, and the rear rack if they're ever in stock. I wonder how long people have been waiting for that.
2017 RADRover review on the southern Baja beaches.

The topography shown in this video is so similar to the Mojave Desert it was the review that convinced me I need a RADRover. RPB dropped the $175 fee for shipping soon after this review, so I ordered one and at that time wasn't being forced to pay the $135+ California taxes now being collected. The RADRover continues to show the best performance in all riding conditions of the three additional RAD bikes I have since added to my collection.

This video is an older review but mentions a lot about accessories that I didn't know existed until later, and Court also mentions a lot of things these basic ebike designs didn't have until finally being updated with them at the factory, like fenders, reflective and puncture resistant tires, rear racks, better battery, and integrated tail/stop lights. He also mentions why the hub motor works better for this type of off-road riding. Engine noise is exaggerated in the video when the GoPro is sitting right next to the drive train. That was intended to hear how the load on the motor is influenced by different riding surfaces, but in actuality the motor noise can barely be heard by the rider.

For anyone purchasing the latest version of the RADRover, they are currently in stock, even in green, but probably not for very long. When not in stock there might be a lengthy wait time because of the added trade complications with China and the slowdowns caused by the pandemic. If you are not charged taxes for shipping this bike into your state, then these latest models have a couple hundred more to offer in value than when I purchased mine. My bike had standard off-road tires with no extra thorn protection and didn't have fenders. I had to pay extra to have those and even the new power system is improved and the frames are better equipped for attaching extras. What hasn't changed in all this time is how fast the bikes and accessories sell completely out. There is always about a month wait for the next batch, sometimes having to wait two or even three months. I was fortunate to buy mine before people began realizing how usefull an electric fat bike is, receiving it and a rear rack for it just four days after placing my first order in 2017. Times and conditions have really changed since then, but the RADRover is still the best, IMHO!

My 2017 Desert Schooner
042718 Desert Schooner 2.jpg

Here's the review for the latest RADRover 5.

Congrats on the new ride! I really enjoyed my two 2016 Radrovers (+3500 miles each) and the wife has Radcity step-thru. Home assembly is pretty straight forward. I've notice the spokes were at difference levels to TQ and that can cause pinging, wheel wobble, and rubbing on disk brakes when riding. Some spokes were tight; while, others took up to 1-3 360 degree turns to tighten. Spoke tightening tool fixed those issues.

The Topeak Super Uni Tourist rack ($90, Amazon) for fat tire bikes also fits on the Radrovers if the Rad Power Bike rack take too long to get delivered. My 16 rovers didn't have a rear light and I don't know what you would need to extend the light for the Topeak rack. I had to use blue Loctite on the rack screws because they kept working themselves loose trail riding every few months (same for kick stand screws). You can easily strip the aluminum threads with the stainless steel screws if you over tighten. I ended up doing this for one thread before adding Loctite and had to use a smaller diameter nut/bolt/wash instead. Zero issues once I applied Loctite.
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SR Suntour SP12 NCX Seatpost, best upgrade I've purchased in 1265 miles. Sounds would be second! Enjoy the new lease to life​

I’ve wondered about that seat post but at 215 lbs I think I’m too heavy for it.

I have the 400mm SP12 NCX seatpost and I've had up to 300lbs on it in my winter commute gear without any issues (15-20 lbs of below freezing winter gear and 25lbs commuter back-pack). I ordered the SP12 on eBay a few years ago and had the option for lighter under 140lbs or heavier 180 lbs spring types. The unit came in with a gray spring; which, might be a medium or gray heavy duty? Never had an issue with bottoming out on single track trial riding and always felt good on 16-20 mph work commutes.

I upgraded to the body float v2.0 with orange springs a few years later. The Bodyfloat does everything the SP12 can and then takes it up a notch or two. More isolation with the body float for a smoother ride and the bodyfloat can better handle smaller rhythmic bumps like uneven payment, uneven sidewalk cracks, and wash board or pockmarked trails. The SP12 can't filter out the small stuff like the the bodyfloat because you are still sitting on top of the spring. The bodyfloat is designed to allow the (e)bike to move under you for big and small stuff. Both are about equal on the larger stuff. Bodyfloat now makes a suspension seatpost for +300lbs riders.

The only issue I had with both seatpost was you need a little sag in the suspension seatpost to get that "floating" over bumps feeling. That can drop your saddle height by 1/2" to almost 2" depending on the dialed in float in your weight. You will need to go with a longer 400mm (SP12) or 420mm (bodyfloat) suspension seatpost if you are already at max seatpost height with standard 350mm Rad post.