Juiced Cross Current X or Ride1Up LMTD for $1700?


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Considering the two. Juiced has a much larger battery, brake motor cutoffs, and a Bafang motor, though the Ride1Up has a 15nm more torque, integrated battery, and is 11 pounds lighter (though the rear rack and fenders probably add back 3-4 pounds). The Ride 1 Up also has a little bit wider tires, though I don't plan to go off-road with the bike so not sure how much that really matters. I test drove some actual fat tire bikes, and disliked how less "agile" they felt in turning. I have a hunch on pavement these guys will feel similar.

Anything else I'm missing?

Also open to other suggestions if you think I can do better elsewhere!
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I've grown to like the integrated batteries. They're a cleaner look, less like an after thought. Fenders and a rack pretty high on my list as well.

The "little bit wider tires" are a desirable feature. The 2.4-2.8" widths are a great compromise between the ponderous 4" widths, and the 2" "ride like a roller skate on a brick road" types. 2.4-2.8" enable you to run much less pressure in your tires (think <30psi) offering a far superior ride, pretty decent handling (on most surfaces), making them a great hybrid tire size. Pretty popular size for the mountain bike crowd with knobby tires, many now coming standard on the nicer bikes with street (quiet) tread designs.

You might want to have a look at the Rize bike line up.