ISO commuter bike, 20 mile round trip

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I am currently a motorcycle commuter. It's around time to upgrade my moto--the old one is too small and getting old. A fellow motorcyclist at work just changed gears and got a RadRover for his commute and inspired me.

I used to commute by bicycle here in NorCal but my commute is such that going to work is downhill and takes around 25 minutes, but going home takes around 45 minutes because it is uphill the whole way. In summer, expending that much effort with bags on the bike at the end of the day was too much.

I'm thinking that an electric bike would really hit the sweet spot--allowing me to get to work and home in a reasonable time, avoiding traffic, and the assist would make my ride home a lot more pleasant.

Right now I'm looking at the RadCity, which is currently out of stock, but I'm not in a rush. My budget is $2,000 or less. It is likely that I would have to lock it outside while at work. Any other (or better) suggestions?
Another possibility I'm considering would be the Kalkhoff Agattu B7, even though that takes me up to the $2,500 range. The E3 Vibe Plus comes in under $2,000, too. Any thoughts?
I was in a similar boat; bought a 2016 Izip E3 Dash. They're under $1500 on sale now; delivered to your LBS for a free build.

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I actually didn't see it, just read about it in our shared motorcycle forum. My regular bicycle is a basic Trek 7.3 so I'm not that picky.
Haibike SDURO Hard Seven SM is $2500, uses a Yamaha mid-drive motor (80NM torque), and has reasonable battery range, Court's review. The Focus Jafira 29 is $2800, uses the Bosch Performance CX mid-drive motor (75NM Torque), and has a comparable battery range.
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Another possibility I'm considering would be the Kalkhoff Agattu B7...Any thoughts?
The Impulse 2.0 motor has reportedly had troubles and for 2017 Kalkhoff's owner Derby Cycles ordered a switch to the Bosch motor for Agattu models for North America so if you buy one be sure it is a 2017 model year with the Bosch motor.
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HAIBIKE SDURO Trekking SL this a a full fenders commuting bike. all set up and ready use for commuting, I've see this bike on sale for $ 2050 with the shipping . this bike has great reviews . has a mid drive which is great for hills.. good luck with your search...