Is it possible to use shrader tubes in Sduro Trek?

Just curious, @Roseville, why do you want to use schrader valve tubes? One you have to do as JRA said and drill out the valve hole and second, presta valves all come with a removable core which is nice if it gets bent with use. If your pump can't handle a presta valve, there are cheap adapters you can thread onto the presta valve (make sure the valve is open first) so any standard schrader pump will work. You can leave those on all the time.
When I bought my first new bike (not electric) in decades (2015) , it had Presta. I was pumped. I'm moving up in the Bike World. I had a bike pump that handled both types, but it leaked with Presta. So a Shrader adapter worked best for me and allowed all my pumps, including the car pumps to be used.

When I built my first ebike, I put on a new 26" front rim with a Presta hole, but the motor/wheel was Shrader. Now I gotta carry two spares? Well, I rarely carry any spares, but it was a concern.

Ebikes were fun, so I converted a 700cc bike. Same issue. Do I want two sets of tubes in Shraeder and Presta? Nah. I drilled out the Presta holes to fit Shraeder tubes. Lets me use the old tube and save a little money. Presta may be better for high pressure? I dunno. Only that first bike I mentioned lets me pump up over 80 psi.