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I live in a rural area on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. I purchased a Class 2 e-bike from a local company about 18 months ago and use it as my main transportation. I have been very happy with it, but wish to upgrade to something better. (I already know how to get one imported if I were to find one, so I do not need advice on that).

Here's the issue:
I go to town 3 or 4 times a week for errands or to go swim in the ocean. It is only 4km, but on a rough unmaintained dirt road with one small hill that my 350w motor struggles with. There are other nearby roads I would like to be able to take an e-bike on, but they cross rivers or have bigger hills. So I need more power, but the main thing I want is to be able to cross the rivers; 12"-18" of depth, and 10-30 meters across, with sand/gravel bottoms. Cars and motorcycles cross all the time, in the dry season. In the rainy season it is necessary to go about 15 km further to access roads with bridges.

Anyways, my first attempt at looking for a bike with IP67 ratings for components (motors, batteries, wiring, etc) that would go thru the water at the low points on the bike while crossing such a river has turned up with exactly none. So if anyone knows of one please let me know.

Reading several threads on this forum it seems most bikes might not be rated for even a good downpour, let alone immersion for a minute or two.
FYI, I have sent messages to 2 manufacturers, RadPower and Juiced Bikes. I suggested they look into creating one capable of such a modest crossing. esp. if they really want to use the term "Adventure" as a category and "RipCurrent" as a name in their marketing, as Juice bikes does. How silly is that?

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hey quietrider - I am also in CR (playa grande) and have been searching for a way to import a bike -- would you mind sharing your contact for importing? i had a juiced hyperscrambler back in the states before moving here and am looking to get something to bring down here once I can figure out how to ship it...thanks so much!
let me know if you find something you like and maybe we can tag team on shipping....i am looking at another one from juiced or maybe the onyx rcr

You should take your question to this forum. Mostly riders from England. They ride in mud and water year round.

My Specialized Turbo Levo has a Level of Protection of IP67 per the owner's manual.
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