Introducing... me!


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Good morning all! Found this forum while searching for ebike info and it looks like a great place to get some insight on ebike conversions. I am slightly overwhelmed and a bit confused as to all the info out there and trying to decipher what the chinese sites are claiming. a lot to wade through and i look forward to learning.

My wife and i are now retired and planning a big trip through the Yukon and Alaska. We decided we are definitely less adventuresome that we have been in the past and so have settled on camping in a truck camper (Glamping) and biking with an eBike.... (Gliking??). The goal is to hit the back and dusty roads less traveled and we have decided to do conversions on our existing bikes. One is a mountain bike and one a hybrid.

I will look for the appropriate place to start a thread but i did want to introduce ourselves and say HI!

Rob & Cheryl
Welcome to the Forum! You've come to the right place to ask your questions.

Since you are planning to do the conversion, I assume you are mechanically inclined. E-bikes and E-bike kits require more maintenance than their conventional counterparts. When choosing a conversion kit, consider repair / replacement part availability. They could be hard to find in the places you propose to go.