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Hi my name is Steve I am an ex RAF aviation Engineer and now a civvie sort of. I have been commuting to work 20 miles each way for 2 years now started on a cheap Ebike and moved onto a Giant Fastroad E+EX Pro which has been brilliant. I have just purchased my second Ebike from Giant a 2021 Explore E+Pro 1. I chose this bike over other brands specifically because it had hubs with sealed bearings, I live in South wales UK and it rains a lot.

Well after speaking with Giant and being cuffed off I wish to let the community know that Giant are true to their word when on the website they may change specification without notice. My new bike retailing at almost £4000 is supplied with Shimano MT 400 cup and cone bearing hubs contrary to the advertised specification of Giant ETracker sealed bearing hubs.

I have contacted Giant who repeatedly refer me to their get out of jail free clause on their website referring to specification can be changed at their will.

They argue that the fitted Shimano MT400 hubs are equivalent to sealed bearings and if cleaned and maintained properly offer the same performance. I argue that sealed bearings require no maintenance till end of life and because they are sealed are superior to cup and cone for wet weather riding. Giant disagree and offer no reason why they now spec near to bottom of range Shimano Hubs. They also inform me that all Shimano hubs are cup and cone yet a few minutes of web research will show the Shimano MT410 hubs have cartridge bearings.

I am annoyed and feel let down by Giant they communicate with me as if I'm an idiot insisting cheap Shimano hubs are equivalent to their own branded sealed bearing hubs. When I point out that online retailers supply the hubs advertised to be fitted to my bike are three times the cost of the Shimano offerings there reply is they do not sell components and retailers are free to charge what they want.

I know a non-sealed bearing is inferior for moisture/water ingress to an open bearing that is only protected by a cheap rubber/plastic seal and given that I chose the bike specifically on the sealed bearing specification i feel let down and ripped off. Giant are not interested and I get the impression they have do not care for the end user at all. I would accept like of like substitution of parts but IMO they are taking advantage my £1500 non branded cycle has the same Shimano Hubs.

Since contacting Giant I note they have not amended their online advertising.

So if you are going to by a Giant bike beware you may not get what they advertise.

I hope to post more positive comments soon but I am still upset with my £4000 dry weather only Ebike sat in the garage.

I will post pictures soon of the devastation caused to a Shimano hub after riding through one winter month in the UK.
I love my Giant Anytour E+2 but feel equally let down by the on board "Navigation" offered as part of the sales and marketing of the Ride Control Evo display on this and other Giant ebikes.

The Navigation is utterly useless on so many levels. I contacted Giants support and got deflected by a response saying Navigation is a high priority for their development team but it is what it is and there's nothing that can be done.

Sorry this doesn't help you OP but it seems Giant do not care much for their end users once you've spent the money we should all just shut up with our awkward expectations.