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Came across this pretty neat little folding bike- unfortunately it seems they had some miscalculations and have canceled their kickstarter until a later date.

Could have sworn I did a search to see if there was a thread- oops thanks for the link @J.R. . That's what I was thinking @Ann M. ! Reminds me of the razor scooters which are quite enjoyable when I have my Siberian Huskies giving me a pull!
Foldable scooter brings the X-factor at CES 2016.

The biggest problem with the Xcooter, unsurprisingly, is the name. But once you get over that—it may take a few minutes—the folding electric scooter is worth a look.

Produced by Miami-based Smart-Rhino, the Xcooter is meant to be a last mile solution. It’s not exactly a “scooter”—you don’t push with your feet—but it offers a sizable range of 15 miles. It can hit a top speed of 17 mph. That’s pretty quick considering how unsubstantial the Xcooter feels. But despite needing to strike a pose resembling that of a Downton Abbey character at dinner, it’s no harder to ride than a bicycle.

Once you’ve arrived wherever you were going, you can fold up the aluminum alloy, 42-pound scooter in a few seconds and wheel it into a corner or a closet. The charger resembles what you get when you buy a Toshiba, plugs into a 110-volt outlet, and can fill the Samsung-produced battery in three to four hours.

The curious scooter’s about to make its debut on the US market, and is now available for preorder for $1,499. After April 1, the price goes up to $1,799. So if you’re looking for a small, zippy ride and don’t mind the name Xcooter (or have a bumper stick to cover it up), act sooner rather than later.