I test rode the EVO Eco Light! (The Electric Bicycle Store in Ft. Lauderdale)


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I'm in Ft. Lauderdale and today I finally got to visit my first eBike store, The Electric Bicycle Store. Court has been here before, as the guy I talked to said Court spent the day there sometime last year and rode every bike in the shop! :D

They had 1 EVO Street--in a box, that was being shipped to a customer elsewhere. :eek: So I demo'd the next best thing, the EVO Eco Light, which is the same geometry as the EVO Street. I LOVED it! PAS is fantastic, I used that much more than the throttle, as I wanted to be pedaling along. With Easy Motion, you have to turn PAS to zero before you can engage the throttle. that's not convenient, but it's better to have a throttle than not.

The streets in FL are flat so I didn't get a chance to test it going up any hills, but I rode around and around the streets near the shop, with a big smile on my face.

The 26" tires are perfect. I still can't put my feet on the ground when stopping, but I'm not able to do that on any bike where the seat is where it should be for my proper leg extension, so that was no big deal. The low step-thru design is perfect for me. I'm thinking the Evo Street will be great for me.

They had a Stromer Platinum on site. I checked the bike out and did a stand-over to see how it felt. The bike was the wrong geometry for me, as it turns out I need that very low step through and more space. The guy told me if I test rode it I wouldn't want any other bike (so I guess it's a good thing it really doesn't fit me).

They carry a lot of Ezee bikes and a few Prodecotechs and A2B, and some other models I never heard of (Chinese bikes). I took some pictures, which I will post.
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Here are some pictures from my visit. Click on each for larger size.

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No I didn't test anything but the EVO Eco Light since I went there specifically hoping to try out the EVO Street and when they didn't have one there, I tried the closest thing to it.
Congrats on your ride @PowerMe !!! You seem really excited in your posts and new threads. I only have one question....

Lets get down to what's really important, the nitty-gritty as they say! What will your new EBR name be when you get your new bike? PowerMe! or EvoPower. Maybe, PowerMeEvo. What do you think EBR Community? Start the voting now!

Maybe just: POWER

In case anyone is confused, I did NOT YET purchase an eBike. I merely stopped in to that FL eBike shop so I could TEST RIDE one or more eBikes. Note: I do not have an eBike store near me that carries Easy Motion. The closest one would be 4 hours away by car.

I will be ordering my 2015 Evo Street eBike online, and most likely from one of the fine eRetailers who contribute their time and expertise to this site, and depending on what deal I can get.
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Sucks air through teeth ... and goes into "Preachy mode"...

If your local bike shop is good enough to provide a bike to test, surely they are good enough to spend your money supporting them...

If you want goods and services made and or sold locally, you have to support the people that sell them...... I'm not in the industry (despite popular opinion by a few in the peanut gallery) so I don't have a vested interest in this... just making an observation..

You've missed an important fact.

I was only visiting Ft. Lauderdale, I don't live there; I live 1,000 miles away.

There is no ebike shop near me that carries the ebike brand I want. I either have to take a long roadtrip -OR- order from someone online.
None at all. I do support local businesses and some LBS will be making $$$ for the care and feeding of my future eBike.
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