I have a felt versa 2016 E bike


It's a step through , The only place you can get batteries for these things is in Europe , but they can't send them here because they don't want them fear of them exploding in shipment , that's the only place you can get reasonable prices for these replacement batteries , mines working good , I have yet to bring it into the local E bike shop to have a diagnostic run on it , I paid 600 bucks for it ,
I'm trying to order another battery from Europe I don't know if it on eBay I don't know if they'll be able to send it or not but they keep having an ad for the battery I need
I ordered a second bosch battery for my Gazelle. Found it at a significant discount at bikeinn.com, which operates out of Spain. The battery was routed through the Netherlands and just yesterday arrived at USPS, slowly making its way to me. Although I have not received it yet, it does appear that you can have a battery sent to the US.
Yes that's good news I may have found a site that I can buy it in California not sure but I'm waiting on a one I ordered off of EBay to see if it they can send it I may suggest to them that they reroute it but it may cost more for shipping but yeah thank you for that information ,