I-Cycle Electric Bike Company, solar powered pop up, Ebike rentals


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My wife and decided to come out of semi-retirement and form a green business-I-Cycle Electric Bike Co. is the result. We repurposed a specialized, single use shipping container with 12 x 330W solar panels on the top for our pop kiosk.
We have only been open since June 1st but business is good and growing daily as more people find us through social media. It’s a fun business that has everyone coming back to us with smiles on their faces.
One surprise is the number of people who want to buy an Ebike through us at the end of their ride. The Ebikes practically sell themselves and we are noticing that many people are coming to rent an Ebike from us to see if they like it before they buy online. So far we are having a lot of fun.


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