I am putting it up for the winter. Do I keep the battery (about 60% charged now) inside for the winter? Anything else?

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I am putting it up for the winter. Do I keep the battery (about 60% charged now) inside for the winter? Anything else I should be doing? My storage place is unheated and might see -15 F.
Yes on bringing the battery inside. What kind of bike? Hydraulic brakes?
Hydraulic discs, but I had the non-electric version with the same brakes for 5 years and always stored it out in the shed. Whatever fluid they use in the Shimano brakes must be temp stable.
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Wrong info as only valid for certain battery management systems:

Yes keep the battery inside, fully charged
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You can check the battery every month or six-weeks. Give it a bit of charge or take it down if it has a USB port with a USB fan. My batteries load balance at a 100% charge, that is why I use the fan to take it down a bar. Keeping it in something like an ash can or surplus ammo can inside is another idea some people use.
Check the manual for long term storage. For my Bosch battery (and likely other Bosch batteries), the recommended is 30-60% SoC for long term. In most EVs it's typically around 50%.

If anything, the cold will be better for the battery given that it will just be stored (Jeff Dahn).
I do a full-charge to balance the cells then discharge to about 50% - stored at room temp and humidity.

Brakes are probably fine if regularly maintained.
Bosch recommendation:

"Storage during winter

Store the batteries in a dry location at room temperature. Fully charging or fully discharging results in higher loading of the battery. The ideal charge status for lengthy periods of storage is
approx. 30% to 60% or two to three LEDs on the battery indicator."
Inflate your tires to upper range of psi recommendations as printed on your tires, have your tires resting on small pieces of wood (not concrete or dirt flooring) and empty or remove unnecessary weight from bike.
By UN3480 shipping regulations, lithium batteries must be shipped at 30%. They may sit in warehouses for months like that, Your bike battery should be fine if you put it away anywhere between 30%-60%, or even higher, but storage at 100% in hot climates is known to degrade capacity.

They're allowed to go down to around -13F too, so mine stay in my unheated garage,
From Stromer range efficiency guide