I am about to be pillaged and raped


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Got my first hands on look at a Shimano Alfine DI2 and the brand new XTR DI2 electronic shifting systems from Shimano.

I want, I want, I want, I want. Just take my credit cards.............please.

So, either a Stromer ST2 or a Focus Aventura Impulse 2 belt driven with electronic shifting.

The systems are not really expensive. If I refinance my home, and sell one of the cars I can afford it.


P.S. The XTR system uses both front and rear derailleurs in combination (automatically) as you hit the shift buttons. No need to worry what gear ring you are in either in front or the rear.....Way too cool.
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sounds like an interesting bit of gear... Once you mortgage the house and first born, we'd like some pictures :)
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Hmmm, no more gear grinding/chain jamming, just smooth riding. What do you know about the projected lifespan of the XTR DI2? And what does it sound like when you're riding, @86 and still kicking ?
I agree! I want to be just like you, 86, if I'm lucky enough to reach 86! And I want to have the kind of $$$ you have where I can build my dream ride or whatever it is I want that's the best. My mother is 86 and she does *nothing* and hasn't for decades. She literally naps most of the day away, only going out for lunch or dinner, then back home to read or nap. She won't travel, she's afraid of everything, will only drive during the day and only within a few miles of her apartment, and she's been this way my entire life. Sad, but that's just how she is and she's not going to change.

YOU are the model of how to be an active older adult.
Low-sided my Ducati this afternoon. I'm ok though. Just my pride was hurt...Lucky