Huge Stromer ST1X Sale - $2000 CAD off - High Tech & High Speed Pedelec

Virginia Block

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Amego bought out all remaining 2019 Stromer ST1X bikes. They are the newest model with the Omni C colour display, new 48V17ah gold battery, and the upgraded horn, lights, and brakes, that make them a certified motorcycle in Europe. Available in Sports 17" and 20" in three colours: Charcoal, Sand, and Ocean Blue.

On sales for $4,499 CAD (~$3,500 USD), regular $6499 CAD. Ships from Toronto, Canada. Charged in CAD$ and exchanged on your credit card. Free Shipping in Canada and $150 in the US.

It is a high speed Pedelec that can go up to 45kmh with the most responsive smooth pedal assist. The technology of this bike is like no other, from the ride feel, the silent powerful acceleration, the regenerative braking, a SIM connected 3G bike that lets you lock the bike, track the bike, and put it in theft mode, along with an app on your phone that allows you to customize the riding feel to your preference and give you so much valuable information. The ST1X is my favourite electric bike on the market, especially at this attractive price point.

Check it out here: and please contact us to learn more. :)

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