Huffy redux


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The Huffy "Hyper" cruiser build is finally starting to come together, thing is on a low end bike this stuff is more difficult than one would be led to believe, the first problem was no clearance for the 7 spd freewheel in the chainstay, got a hyper low 6 spd, more or less solved that, Then after fiddling and faddling, I realized I couldn't get the new motor wheel to line up.
Put it back stock, put a 36 volt 500-watt front drive on it with a neat little 12 ah triangle battery( haven't got it yet( same size as the 10 ah 48 volt should work fine) put a nice lavender-colored basket on the front, seamless-this will hold the Ryobi 6.5 ah battery and 17 watt ,6 led front light, controller bag has enough room for wires and controller and it nestles pretty neat behind the handlebars. Took it do the semi-LBS( 50 miles) to get some brakes that actually worked and fix the bent derailleur.
I realize now this is a bit of a losing proposition and realize why I wanted the small mid drive to start with, the thing actually looks pretty neat with the "PeeWee Herman" handlebars and step-through frame when I get it all together will try to post some pictures.
The moral is, a higher-end bike is easier to convert. I might add, get a freakin" bike stand and buy a bike that already has the specs you want