How to replace/fix currie button pad

Bill B

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2016 Vibe e3 - my button pad for the Currie Electro Drive have turned to mush. Anyone have ideas on where I can go to replace this pad, or failing that how to McGiver it to work, or any other type of pad that might work with this drive? Would hate to throw out the bike for a $15-$50 part!
I don't know what you have for a button switch, or how it's wired, but I found this on AliExpress,.


Try contacting this company? They have been IZip dealers for a long time and I believe that bike was also marketed under Raleigh.

2016 Vibe e3 -
, or any other type of pad that might work with this drive? Would hate to throw out the bike for a $15-$50 part!

I didn't know what a 2016 Vibe e3 was or what button switch you have, so I watched Courts' review of what I think is your e-bike?

This is a picture of Courts' thumb. 😂


So you've got a 4 button control.

I'm not sure if it plugs into your display or if it is directly wired in, so if you do find a button pad from Alta Cycling Group, it may come complete with the display and everything else that's directly wired into it.

Or a broken display where the button pad wire is cut and needs to be spliced into your display.

So,.. I found this four button control pad for an electric scooter,..


It's got a USB port too, which should work because button pads normally run off +5 volts regardless of the battery voltage running the electric vehicle.


I'm sure this can be connected to your ebike. You just have to wire it in.

McGiver would be proud of you, especially if you get your e-bike going over 60 mph like the scooter it's made for. 😂
Sigh - my first post on the forum - thought I'd be emailed about replies so just saw this. Thanks for your response. The four button pad in your first picture is exactly the one I have. I'll see if its hard wired into the pad or not. If so that's prolly why I can't find the pad alone for sale. I don't think I'd try using a different type of button pad unless all else fails...
I watched more of the video and found this,..

Screenshot_20240710-143858_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20240710-143730_Video Player.jpg

So it looks like you need a new display.
It comes with the button pad wired directly, and it unplugs from the harness for replacement.

Your display may be proprietary, so if you can't find a replacement, you may have to wire in a new button pad.

The button pad is just a collection of 4 switches and there wouldn't be anything proprietary inside the button pad itself.
Many many thanks. iZip says the button pad (which I assume will also include the display) will be in in a month. Until then, I'm going to put something stiff like a piece of eraser in the decayed holes and use electricians tape to keep them in place.
In another forum someone found a part number and a (different) place to order it. They too said it was on back order, but there was a price - $99.
Here's the link to the discussion in that forum - dunno if it will work if you're not signed into that forum...
I just checked the link, and the guy found the same button pad that I did.

I noticed, that the replacement is just the button pad, without the display.

It looks like you're going to have to open up your display to plug in the new button pad?

At least it should just plug in, but you're going to have to do some surgery on your display.

It looks like it plugs into the circuit board inside the display?