How to lock bionx


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I have purchased a used bionx 36v bike. The previous owner said you can "lock" the bike in G4 mode to deter the guys in hoodies from riding away with your bike. How do I do lock in G4? Looked in the online manual but not sure what to do. Can anyone help? Thanks
Try this:

Setting up your password | Alarm system
Press and hold + A & - G for a few seconds until 0000 appears.
0000 is the factory default code. Use + A & - G to move to your first desired number and press ON | MODE to save. Repeat 4 times to set your personal alarm code.

Activate your alarm system
Press and hold + A & - G for a few seconds until the blinking lock is displayed. Your system is now armed.
If the bicycle is being moved for more than 1/4 wheel rotation, the battery will emit a sound and the sytem will switch to the maximum generative mode (level 4) to make it very hard to ride off on your bike.

How to disarm the alarm system
Press on any button, 4 zeros will appear, the first one is blinking. Enter your pass-code and press ON | MODE
Thanks EbikeR2, I set the password number and then hold the *A-G together (5 seconds)and the blinking lock does not appear, what do you think I should try now?