How to choose an electric bike


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Electric bicycles are a light and quick means of urban transportation, and it is significantly cheaper than fuel-powered vehicles, both in purchase and in ongoing maintenance. There are no licensing and insurance costs and no parking problems. And since part of the journey is done by pedaling, cycling is also a great way to keep fit and engage in physical activity on your way from place to place. It's just important to be careful to choose a bicycle that meets the requirements of the law and that fits your needs.
In May 2016, new regulations for the use of electric bicycles came into effect, and it is very important to adhere to them and not to purchase bicycles that do not comply with them. Here they are:

A maximum power of 250 watts and a travel speed that does not exceed 25 km/h. The motor will stop its operation when the speed of the bicycle exceeds 25 km/h, in accordance with European standards.

Safety accessories will be installed on the electric bikes, including a horn or bell, front and rear lights and reflectors. The regulations make it possible to ride new bicycles whose electric motor is powered by a bicycle pedal and has a throttle operating up to six km/h. The minimum age of the cyclist is limited to sixteen years or older.
The bicycle must bear an official marking of the words "bicycle with auxiliary engine" which will be placed in a central and visible place on the chassis of the vehicle. The special marking will state the name of the model, the manufacturer and its address, the country of manufacture and the importer's name and address, engine power 250 watts and a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a ban on use under the age of 16 (until the introduction of the new regulations the minimum age was 14).

In addition, the law states that an electric bicycle rider must wear a helmet. Also, riding on the sidewalk with an electric bicycle is prohibited, and anyone who violates this regulation will receive a fine. Travel is allowed. In 2019, the regulations were updated, and according to them - in order to be able to ride an electric bicycle, those interested must successfully pass a dedicated theory test (for those who do not have a license for a car or motorcycle), where the exam can be taken from the age of 15 and a half, and riding the bicycle is allowed from the age 16.

The price for an electric bicycle will start around NIS 2,000 and will reach up to NIS 8,000 for particularly expensive and high-quality bicycle models.

Usually, the manufacturer's warranty on the bike is 12 months, and sometimes the battery is guaranteed for a shorter period of about six months.

The law does not require insurance for electric bicycles, but if you want to guarantee yourself coverage in case of personal or third-party injury, there are insurance companies that offer a special policy for electric bicycles.
I would appreciate someone who purchased an inexpensive and safe model for my child?
thanks for the info but i wanna ask if they come with a companion smartphone app.?
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