How to avoid swallowing bugs


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It's that time of year. I try to nose-breath but I have some allergies so can't always do that... one flew right down yesterday. :p
I am hitting walls of bugs in the East Boulder area that last for quarter miles with only an eighth mile break between them. I was happy it started raining on me tonight cause it meant I would not eat anymore bugs.
Just get one of those cheap dust masks at your hardware store and you'll be fine. You'll look silly as hell, like someone in ebola country but it will work. Otherwise a bandana over your nose and mouth will work. Just remember to take it off before you go into the bank, lol
The hunting department of your local sporting goods store sell face-nets that will block out the bugs and aren't easily seen by others as you pass. Usually in the archery section.
Or you could go with something a little bit more hard core... which gets my vote!


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