How often do you replace brake pads?



I think it is time for me to replace brake pads on my Turbo. It's little bit over 600 miles it feels like I have 1-2 mm left on them. Do anybody here use other brand of pads then the stock pads? More powerful pads any suggestion?
It depends on the conditions. We get a lot of grit on the roads in damp weather so I think I changed mine in about 800 miles. Recently, I just changed to semi-metallic Swiss Stop pads to see if I get more life.
I got brakepads yesterday and I replaced them immediately and what a diffrent!!! Wow feels much better then stock and brake noise I had on the back is alost gone, juste tiny squeek almost not notable.
I replaced with jag wire alloy semi metallic and they are great. I changed the front at 1500 and the rear a few hundred miles later.
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If the thickness of the brakepads is 1mm or less, change it immediately. It's relatively cheap to do this and will directly affect your safety, so don't hesitate on doing it and keep a few spare ones just in case. You'll need them sooner or later. For my Turbo FLR 2016 it took a while until I found out that the pads I need are the Shimano B01S (Shimano Deore BR-M506 breaks).
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Whoa just went through my second set for the front. Not sure about the mileage as my display is out but in my eighth month....eeek. Hopefully the new jagwire semi mettalic pads I have will last longer.
Hmmm. I switched to Kool-Stop organic pads on the Formula C1 brakes of my base Turbo. I have over 1000 miles on them (1600km) and have pulled them several times recently just to check. Plenty of pad left. I can believe that lots of city riding, or MTB style riding would cause pad wear necessitating replacement at 600 mi, but I ride on country roads mostly and bike trails, so I guess I get better wear. Keep in mind I weigh 235 lbs and the bike is over 60 lbs, so combined weight is probably 300 or so lbs. I am impressed that these brakes can work as well as they do.
Has anyone used the Jagwire semi metallic pads for the Formula R1 brakes? They seem to be on inventory reduction right now but I don't know if it's because they don't fit right or if it is low demand.
I use them and like them a lot better than the formula pads. The rear pads broke in nicely but the fronts are a bit noisy in comparison. For the record, these are the alloy backed pads which have a golden backing plate. They are also thicker, so you may need to burp out a little fluid.
I have replaced the original Formula rotors with SRAM Centerline rotors and that too makes a positive difference along with Koolstop finned pads as per @Douglas Ruby
I have been considering replacing brakes but with these relatively cheap changes I can live with the Formulas. They are reasonably powerful and now quiet.
My St2 has had Jagwire semi-metallic pads on for about 300 miles , and have been pleased with the performance. They look like they last a long time too.
On my base Turbo I'm on my 5th set of fronts (Formula C1 brakes) in 5500km.
I do like to brake heavily as late as possible though.
What brake pads does the Turbo S use? I saw online its listed as the Shimano Deore XT but there seems to be a lot of different types of Deore XT... Am I missing something?