How Many Here Have Rotated the Stem on XP 3?


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I just rotated the stem on my XP 3 and found out it wasn’t nearly as involved as I thought it was going to be!!👍🏼
Did it to our two XP2.0st bikes. Handlebar then felt a bit too close.

Easy to get at the large bolt, but it's on there really tight. Bike will fold differently afterwards--we just take the handlebars off and bungee them to our folding wire basket in back.


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That is why I prefer to use an adjustable bike stem (0-90 degrees) to bring the handlebars closer. It doesn't affect the folding capability, and it allows for adjustment for different riders. There is no adjusting by just rotating the stem, It is what it is... and if I recall, it's about a 6" difference, and to some riders, that's too much. However for short riders, the 6" difference is fine.
My wife is 4’11” so this is perfect for her!

It’s still comfortable enough for me at 5’8”.
Just note: You might kick your wife in the knees with your heels when you pedal. My wife waited almost 200 miles before she told me she had to ride bow legged on the back of the XP because of my heels clipping her knees. We had a call out pedal/coast system for awhile, I'd say what was happening to her, but it got old really fast. The Xpedition solved the knee capping. Still love the XP though.