How Court videos all those bike rides one-handed...

Jack Tyler

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I'm sure many tech-savvy folks here already know this, but I've been curious how Court manages to take all these video shots - especially those when he's riding - while keeping the image upright. Court's switching hands, changing gears. showing the rear hub, now videoing the scene ahead...and the image never goes cattywampus. Someone else posted this link back in July but it got no responses, so I thought I'd repost it with this title for those, like me, who've been scratching their heads.

It's a 3 axis hand held gimbal system with multiple gimbal options. Very clever.

Yeah, it's amazing Court doesn't get tumped or bonked on some of those test rides! Never have gotten to see any of the digital outtakes but with more than 400 video reviews under his helmet he's had a bit of practice! :D