Hiabike full seven rc 2015/2016 differences


shawn sowter

Hi All

I am looking at buying a new hiabike Xduro fullseven RC I have the option of either a 2015 or a 2016 model both are brand new and there is £500 difference between the two bikes, and both are on the Bosch system.

Could anyone please tell me if there are any major differences in the two bikes

I can see the 2016 model had a 500wh battery compared to 400wh on the 2015 bike is this much difference??

That is the main difference, everything else would be in minor component changes - probably isn't worth the extra for the 100wh of battery power...for not much more you could afford a 2nd battery on its own (maybe not even any more in pounds...500 is a lot).
I suggest you go with the 2016 version. You get the CX drive system, which is def better than the older performance drive.
But, even if you get the 2015 model, make sure to get the firmware updated on the bike. You could also negotiate a 2nd battery at the time of purchase.
Thanks for the replies

What is the issue with the firmware why does it need updating ????