Hey, I forgot to introduce myself :)


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This is my first E-bike, called the Ladies Urban Cruiser. She's a beautiful step through cruiser, with a massive frame.
It's an impressive beast for a "ladies" bike. I'm 5'9, weigh close to 200 pounds mostly muscle and it carries me and my gear just fine up very long, steep hills. I don't think anyone smaller than me would be able to handle this thing, it's definitely made for larger people.

I really love it!!! Now that I've tried an e-bike I will never go back, it is so much fun!

But the reasons I got it are because I don't want to drive, I live in a hilly town, and I'm an athlete so by the time I need to go somewhere, I'm too tired or too sore to ride my normal bike, so I usually just end up getting a ride from my parents. This e-bike has given me total freedom and independence. Now I can go anywhere, anytime.

I'm currently working on weatherproofing it, so I can use it all year round and I made a thread about that already. I'm very happy with this e-bike, and everywhere I go people always stop me to ask questions about it.


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Yep, that's what usually happens, @thunderseed ! One of the fun benefits of being an ebike rider; it's a magnet for attention (in a good way). Thanks for the pics, that's a good looking bike.
hello thunderseed ,

welcome from a noob ... looks like you are getting it dialed in ... congrats on the new bike .

An awesome bike! Thank you for sharing. Do you have much snow in the winter in your city/town? If you do, I think a pair of winter/studded wheels may help. I'm planning to ride my ebike this winter too - first year. I'm a little bit scared. But you don't know how it's like until you try, right? I will have to be very careful. I don't want to fall on ice.
Yeah it would be good to get some snow tires on your bike.

I'm from the Comox Valley, which is on Vancouver island in British Columbia Canada. It's classified as a rainforest here, but the climate and weather has been pretty mild, in the last few years snow and freezing temperatures have been rare.

They put salt on the roads here though, and salt can corrode aluminum and metals in bike tires. I might just use the coating people put on their cars to protect them from salts.
Hello Thunderseed,
That's a nice looking bike. So glad you are enjoying it. I will get my ebike soon and I hope I will have the same experience to being re-introduced to biking. I am over 60 and has found it difficult and tedious to ride. Besides, my city does not offer a lot of biking routes so an ebike will certainly help me explore other places where I can ride freely. Welcome, from another newbie.