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Howdy all.

Having a problem with my Prodeco Phantom II, and wonder if you more learned folks could help out. I know NOTHING about electronics.

Here is the run down - I ride everyday in good weather and never in bad, so other than a couple light mists, the bike has never been wet. A couple of weeks ago my kids knocked my bike over in the garage. At first all seemed normal, I checked the battery lights, handle bar lights etc. and everything looked okay. However, next ride, the motor (usually almost silent) was making a loud noise, and nowhere near full power. It would push for a second, before cutting out. Almost feels like it is getting too much resistance, then going into some sort of auto shut-off to prevent damage. Here is a video of the noise and the shut-off:

What I have done - I have taken the battery off, cleaned all the connections. I took the battery apart carefully visually inspected it. Everything I can see seems normal, and looking further will require opening the plastic shrink wrap over the cell. All functions seem normal with the battery. I get normal status bars, the handlebar status is working, the rear light turn on normally. When I ride the bike without using the motor, there is no abnormal noise, everything feels tight and operationally normal. The brakes are not rubbing or anything like that. The wheel turns freely (or as freely as a direct drive can).

Can anyone tell me where to look next? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Well, after digging for a while this afternoon, this issue looks and sounds very similar.

Anyone know how to diagnose?
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Are you sure your luggage rack is not rubbing against the tire? Sure sounds like something is rubbing in the video, but you did say the wheel turns freely.
The tire is rubbing, but just on the concrete. The deep r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r- noise it the motor. I now have it off the bike and I am trying to get inside it. Pretty sure the problem is described in the second video and a solid proposal for the solution below. Just wonder if i can fix with replacing the hub.
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I assume Prodeco has a tech department that could help you diagnose this quickly. Have you tried them? I'm no expert when it comes to diagnosing problems like this, and I know little about Prodecos, but I can make some guesses.

It's not likely a battery problem, especially if your charge lights are indicating adequate charge. My guess is wiring or hall sensors. If it were a hall sensor, or its wiring, your motor might run rough, loud, and underpowered, but I don't think it would shut off. Not sure though.

It might be a problem in the wiring between your battery and the controller or between the controller and the motor. Check that those connections are tight and the wiring seems undamaged.

Beyond that, you might need a multimeter and/or someone who knows more about Prodeco than I do.

Good luck!
@skidmarkart, did you check that the disc brake pads aren't rubbing on the rotor? If the munchkins bumped the bike, it could be that the rear brakes are really out of alignment. One tump of the bike shouldn't damage that motor; it's pretty solid construction. If you want to examine the wiring harness and controller connections to the battery & motor, that requires carefully removing part of the case where the controller is located after removing the battery from the rack. There's a lot of good info in the original Owner's Manual which may be of help to you.

I do recommend contacting Prodeco Tech tech services if it's something other than the brakes, it's a quick call to 800.943.6190 ; my shop has been working with Luis & his team for years and they are very knowledgeable.