Help to identify ebike tiny version of 1T4 plug please


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Hi, My Puckipuppy ebike has these water sealed plugs that are smaller in diameter than what my new zoom brakes and Bafang throttle come in, so it won't fit onto controller harness, the manufacturer does not understand when I ask, so I am wondering what are these called so I can look for an adapter from one to another. Thank you so much


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Those are a common Bafang-promulgated standard: yellow 3-pin HIGO plugs for brake disconnects. The red ones are commonly used by Magura ebikes and a few other manufacturers. They are simply red HIGOs. Identical plugs with two wires instead of three.

There is no difference in diameter. What you have on the yellows is a female end. The red ones are male. They interlock to form a water resistant connection. But don't try to do that given the difference in pin count.

You need adapters. They can be difficult to find or easy... it depends on what Google gives you on any given day. California Ebike has Bafang wiring harnesses that come with red plugs from the get-go which are my preference. has been selling red-to-yellow adapters for years, still sell them and thats what I used previously. You can also find various sellers offering them but again, thats a case of googling, and persistence to find them.
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Thank you, maybe I need to clarify.. the yellow ends you are seeing is Bafang throttle i bought (big diameter) and the smaller one is the thumb throttle that came with the bike. Its not about male female or pins, diameter is the problem. The receiving harness on my bike is too small to fit the larger diameter Bafang and same goes for the red zoom brakes, my receiving harness too small.. so i am looking to identify technical name of small and big plugs so I can source an adapter. The throttle I took apart and soldered the wire from my stock thumb throttle on, for the brakes I'm so not wanna attempt taking them apart.... I need from small to big red 2-pin adapter... I tried Google and the manufacturer to no result, only thing I can find is Chinese producers use whatever plugs and cables no standard... that seems unbelievable


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