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I commute on my Schwinn 700C,5 miles daily and I'm looking forward to buy an ebike. Something that has straight handle bars, is a gear bike and a commuter which is similar to one that I use now. And something below $2000
Thanks in advance!
Below 2k, hmm. I don't know maybe a DIY build. You could probably squeak by with the latest Izip E3 dash coming in at 2799.
You might consider a Juiced Cross Currents for the msrp of $1499.00 link here I just purchased one from a Santa Clara CA dealer 4 weeks ago and this bike is a great sport commuter bike. Standard equipment includes a 48 volt Lithium Ion 7.8 amp battery, a cadence and integrated torque sensor, and Tektro Hydraulic Brakes. I use it to commute to work on pavement and a loose gravel trail (Iron Horse) a total of 15 miles a day (7.5 each way). It has been rock solid reliable, the Shimano 9 speed shifts smoothly and the torque sensor applies the proper level of boost in each gear. The bike only weighs 49 pounds and is very well equipped at this price point. You can charge the battery on bike and is easily remove-able for off bike charging. The battery is integrated in the down tube for proper balance and the bike rides and handles like a normal bike even with the motor system turned off. It is available in Red and Matt black and three frame sizes,M, L and XL. If you are looking for a reasonable fast reliable commuter ebike, this one is one of the bes price performers available today. Lots of Ebikes to choose from but I suggest that you research your purchase thoroughly. I spent 7-8 months researching and test riding a number of e-bikes before settling on the Juiced Bikes Cross Currents. Good luck on your search and eventual purchase of your electric bike. Remember, the "Journey is the Reward" an, old quote from Steve Jobs.
I would factor in local restrictions and maybe insurance coverage into your final picks for an ebike.

Class I & II ebikes (20 mph limit, PAS, throttle, 750w motor limit) can be considered bikes depending on your local and state laws. You might have more flexibility riding the ebike on pedestrian/bike trails, city sidewalks, and have automatic insurance coverage depending on the insurance company (I'm covered under my USAA homeowners insurance @ $500 an incident for my Radrover).

Class III Speed Pedelec might have more restrictions in your local area or state (helmet laws, registration, no one under 16 yrs old can ride, not allowed on bike only trails or sidewalks, considered motor vehicle and must follow motor vehicle rules, may or may-not be covered under homeowner's insurance, etc...). You may/may-not be covered homeowner's/renter's insurance.

No one is going to know a Class I from a Class III even after you tell them. I just like the flexibility I have with my Class II (especially when I travel with my ebikes to other states).