Help deciding on and sizing an ebike


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Hi everyone. I like to bike (mainly paved trails and streets but...) am in decent shape (55 yr old woman) but have bad knees so hills are very hard for me. I am looking for an ebike that I can ride like a bike except for help w hills. I live in Atlanta where it's hard to try bikes, but have been thinking about the easy motion evo eco lite. Mainly be I want both the throttle and pedal assist along with decent # of bike gears. I don't care about speed. I'm 5' 3 1/2" with an inseam of 30. Unfortunately I haven't been able to try one.

My regular bike is a Raleigh hybrid, 49 cm. I saw an evo jet (2015) online for sale for half off and am tempted, it the sizes listed seem odd to me...44cm (medium) and 48 cm (large). I would have thought I'd be a medium but also. 48 cm. Any advice?

Also, how big a difference is the relaxed upright from a forward position? I'm guessing my hybrid, which has a straight handlebar is either considered relaxed or forward. Any thoughts or words of advice?

I have ridden a trek (I liked except no throttle and limited gears) and an electrobike - (the gamma. I would love the cross but it's about an inch too tall for me). The gamma was ok but again limited gears and a bit too upright for my tastes.

Thx in advance for your help.
The easy motion bikes are a little on the large side, so the step through might be a better option for your height. Did the jet have a throttle? The jet does have a lower top tube, I'd definitely be going for the smallest size available. If you're on the smaller side, the pedal assist may be more than enough even for the hills, just by bumping up the assist level.
Many thanks to you both. This is very helpful. I will double check re jet and throttle but I'm almost positive. I'm also wondering about waiting on 2017 models as I could try those locally. But hard to pass on half off. Just not local.