Hello from Stockholm, Sweden


Hej everyone !

Just a quick note after I posted twice without proper introduction.

What brought me here is the amazing number/quality of Court's reviews, probably the best collection for english-speakers (or non dutch/german ones ^!^)

I don't own an ebike yet but right into the buying process so this could change any day.

But I do have some decent experience with electrical mobility as I owned two Tesla Model S in France before moving to Sweden, including a 4WD version P-85D with 700hp and 0-60 mph in 3 sec.
So I pre-booked the incoming Tesla Model 3, their next mass-market product starting at USD 35,000.
Nothing beats the efficiency of an electrical engine, period !

And I use 18650 lithium-ion batteries on a daily basis since I managed to quit smoking after a nasty 30-years addiction due to a switch to vaping (aka. electronic cigarette).

I'm a bit of a geek too (currently studying Machine Learning) so I research A LOT before making a purchase :-D
The adverse side of it being sometimes blunt in debates but I'm working on it ;-)