Hello from Seattle!!! Any E-bike riders in the emerald city?

Howdy! I'm not in Seattle, but I'm a bit north. One of the members here has a Seattle electric bike club going, I'll let him know to hit you up.
Hello out there,

Well time for an update!!! Today I received my new E-bike, I choosed a bike company out of Florida called Flaunt Electric Vehicles.

I wanted to step into E-biking with out having to pay over 2000.00 for a bike. Now I do realize I'm going with a hub motor 500w and my Samsung 15.6 amp Battery is mounted in the rear, integrated into the Rack. Which is old tech compared to the The Bosch and Yamaha centerline engine placements, and midline Batts, But Ive also learned just because it's not the newest tech doesn't mean it's not tried and true, and at 1500.00 shipped to my door. I was willing to take the risk.

Plus I just plain liked the look of the bike. And after talking with the Owner, Kevin and after he answered every Question I had I felt good about my choice. Oh and did I mention they threw in fenders for free!!! Thanks Kevin!!!

So I guess the next step is Assembly. I've taken it out of the box and it doesn't seem to looming of a project.

Have any of u guys Assembled your own bike or did you have it done at your local E-bike shop I'm lucky that Seattle has several to choose from so if I get into trouble I have a backup plan. Wish me luck.

And if u want to check out Flaunt bikes. www.flauntvehicles.com

E-bike Chris
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Hey there!!!

Well I just finished putting the bike together, I must say it was pretty easy!!!! As a matter of fact I'm kinda proud that I could do it myself with a few simple tools. Now I have to give u a little background about myself. I have a workshop with tools and the space to work on my toys!!! Lol. Basicly I LOVE everything on two wheels, and between me and my wife we have 4 Bikes and two motorcycles so I felt competent enough to put a bicycle together!!! And after un-boxing and checking out the package I was stoked to at least try, First I have to say it was well packed!!!! NO Damage at all considering it was shipped from Florida, thanks Fed EX. Second Kevin the owner of Flaunt basically talked me thru it over the phone in about 15 mins, mostly due to my questions on how to reassemble it, Front tire, handle bars, peddles, seat post, charge the battery. Watch video online on how to turn on the bike and its functions really the hardest thing to do was the rear fender, I've got fat fingers lol, So we will see how my first test ride goes!!! And yes I will have it checked out by a EBike Tech first thing Monday just in case I missed something!!!!
That's my wife chiming in!!! Lol safety first.

Ok off to bed can't wait for morning

E-bike Chris.
Very nice aesthetic frame,i like it. im hoping to get to seattle next spring,its not to far im in Victoria bc so im west and right across from Seattle.

Ebikes are awesome...
Hi Gang,

Just returned from several days of riding around Edmonds and Ballard, and I feel great!! Not to mentioned I taught spin class today!!!

I'm going to try my first commute to work to downtown Seattle. I've mapped out my route thanks to google, 18 miles one way!! Love there new bike routing feature, so far the only mod to the bike has been a Ram Mount to hold my cell phone, and a rack bag to hold everything else, that way my maps and music are at my touch!!!

My goal is to ride three days a week if possible. I work a side job teaching spin class's in Ballard two days a week so I'm hoping to ride to them and one day to work in Seattle downtown, that is until the weather turns bad. But I should have at least 2 months to ride in the dry still. Lol

I'm finding I have to retrain the way I ride, at least my style of riding. Riding a E-Bike is fun but I still like the option of dialing down the power if I need to get a little work out too!!!

Second Goal. Loose a little weight!!! I'm 193.5. I want to get back down to 185. And I think with the Addison of my Atticus from Flaunt it's a goal I can make!!!

I will check back in soon

E-bike Chris
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Hey gang!! I started a Facebook page!!!!

You can find me under the name E-bike Chris. I've added several video's of the bike build and pic's from my rides around Seattle.

I'm planning on getting a decent Go-pro Cam and start filming my rides to spots in Seattle. I rode to Gas works park on Sunday and met several riders who just dug the E-bike.

I'm going to just have fun and ride!!!
Ok the weather is finally clearing up here in Seattle with a solid 7 day forecast of dry weather!!! Who hoo!!!

I just received a GoPro cam from my friend Bearcat. AKA Maryanne thank again for the loan!! So I hope to get some great Vid's of me riding around Seattle this week. I'm planning on commuting to work on Friday then riding home the long way around Lake Washington with a friend from work who rides so it should be interesting!!!

I took this Pic at Gas works Park right off of lake Union in Seattle WA. I hooked up with my BFF Vicky who has this Sunday morning ride that she has been doing and which I've ridden with her in the past on my road bike, it's about 40 miles. Today I brought my E-bike on the same route it was a blast!!! And I wasn't exhausted getting home.

E-Bike Chris
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Sorry in advance for the sideways profile pic. Couldn't figure out how to rotate it. I live in Port Orchard and work at Harbor Island between SODO and West Seattle. I can clear the 4.2 miles between the ferry and work in around 10 minutes on my RadWagon.
Well time for the weekly ride update. Well in just under 3 weeks of commuting to downtown Seattle and Ballard WA I've rode over 350 miles. And I've discovered true bliss on my rides to and from work's. My ride's into the City are fun and scenic and with the new bike lanes & paths that are completed I feel completely safe as well!!!

I've added a few mod's to the Atticus as well!! A gel seat and suspension seat post!! Both happy additions to my ride and bum!!! Lol.

Well it's time for its first real Tune-up closing in on 400 miles. So I booked an appointment with TJ my bike mech at Electric and folding bikes northwest on Saturday, had my friend Jason G test ride my bike and I think he is getting a Atticus for him and a Vicko for his wife!! Looks like I won't be the only one in Seattle who will be Flaunting the FLAUNT Electric bike!! Whoo Hoo!!
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