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Hi everyone!

My name is Alex, I'm from Russia but currently living in China. Here I work with chinese electric scooters manufacturers, so that helps to receive the best price.
Our website sells foldable electric scooters, gyroscooters, monowheels, electric bikes, motorbikes and ATVs. You can check the english version of our website There you can see approximate prices of scooters we seell. The main products of our website are foldable electric scooters such as:
1. Dualtron ((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)),
2. Aqiho ((Link Removed - No Longer Exists)),
3. Speedway (,
4. I-MAX (,
and many other models. These models are considered as best foldable electric scooters in the world with the maximum speed of 85 km/H (53 mph) and very powerful motors (up to 4000W).

We have experience of selling scooters to USA. The delivery is free by FedEx. The delivery time is up to 25 days.
Also, we begin to sell electric bicycles in our online-store. You can check the very good bicycle LeEco (LeTv) bike here This is very stylish and very innovative bicycle. works on its one Operaing sistem BikeOS, has SIM card, GPS, memory and many other features.

Hope it can be interesting for you. If you have any questions please contact me and I will be happy to help you. You can contact me here or via my e-mail [email protected].

Wish you happy shopping with
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