Hello from Boulder, Colorado.


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I'm a life long biker and new to ebikes. Just ordered up a Haibike Fullseven MTB. Can't wait to add this one to the stable.
Hey now, welcome aboard! Ditto on lifelong (mtn) biker (since late 1980s); I started riding ebikes in 2015.

Excellent choice with the Fullseven - I have its predecessor (the FS RX), and riding it's like being 25 again...
Very curious to hear how the biking community in Boulder reacts to your Ebike.
Please keep us posted
Hey Duncan,

I live in Denver with a heavy bike culture as well. So far only 1 fred got upset in the last 2 years (4000 miles), but I think most everyone else either

a) is unaware
b) doesn't care
c) keeps their frustration (naivety) to themselves

At work it is a little different since a relationship exists and I use it to commute. Either they don't understand and think you get NO exercise or they purely look at biking as a sport, like soccer instead of a potential lifestyle which ebikes could help everyone realize! Overall its just fun joking though, from my point of view.

On the street most of my interactions have been on the questioning side like: "How does it ride?", "How many watts is yours?", or "Do you like it? I am thinking of getting ....", but even these questions rarely happen. Mine is relatively stealth though.

My response to all of them is basically: "Best money I have ever spent! Period." I couldn't imagine a better way to travel!

Either way, who cares what other people think? Biking is awesome, and having the option to add power when needed/wanted is amazing! I haven't driven a car for an errand or excursion outside of a road trips in basically a year! If everyone knew the possibilities it would be a hit!

Very curious to hear how the biking community in Boulder reacts to your Ebike.
Please keep us posted

Boulder is slow to embrace "new" in the bicycling world. I'm sure I will get some looks from the boyz in their roadie kits.
I love all bikes
I'll just smile and wave.
I could care less what anyone thinks, but it will be interesting. I'll let ya know.
Ive been a 300 day per year bike commuter since 1978. I love the idea of going to 365 a year!
Great avatar. I went to CU, Boulder as well. Take your new bike into Vechhios when you get it! : )