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Blues Player

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Last fall I bought a new old stock 2020 Orbea Gain M30. I had been riding a Trek 1800C but because of some neurosurgery I thought it best to move up to an ebike. After looking at different bikes I decided the Orbea Gain was my best option. I have been very happy with it and only use the assist when I come to a hill that my legs are not up to yet or when my legs just get tired.
I live in the Pacific Northwestern part of the State of Washington in America. For those that do not know the area we have a lot of rain during the winter and only will get snow a couple times. However, rain is very common during the winter.
I just turned 77 and I hope to keep riding for many years as long as I can including during the winters. I think the ebike will be a great help to me as I continue to recover, and my legs get stronger.
I do have some questions about my Orbea Gain control switch for assist levels. I am hoping some here can help me with my questions.
I'm very glad to have found this forum. I have already found the discussions quite informative. I look forward to many conversations with everyone.
Thank you for sharing, Blues Player. Welcome to the forum.

Maybe check out the Discussion by Brand & User Reviews section of the forum, there’ll likely be on Orbea user there that can fix you right up.
This is a good place. You are fortunate to have found it. Welcome.
Welcome to the forum. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to ride.